Advanced Telecommunication Research Center (ATRC)

Advanced Telecommunication Research Center (ATRC), formerly known as Wireless and Radio Science Centre (WARAS), is a Centre of Research (CoR) at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FKEE) Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

Our center niches as following:

  1. Sensor
  2. Internet of Things
  3. 5G/6G communication

We are always welcome intra- and inter-discipline collaborations. We are also looking for potential post-graduate students to work under our supervision. Do contact us!


Fellow Researchers’ Expertise

Dr. Zuhairiah Binti Zainal Abidin (Head of Center)

• Metamaterial Resonator as Biosensor for Water and Blood Monitoring
• Wearable Antenna
• Antenna for Energy Harvesting
• Metamaterial for mmW antenna
• MIMO antenna design


Prof. Dr. Mohammad Faiz Liew Bin Abdullah

• Modelling and Design ff Enhanced All-Optical Signal Regeneration Technique
• Adaptive DCO-FBMC in Visible Light Communication
• HEVC Watermarking Techniques for Authentication and Copyright
• Improve uniformity for an indoor visible light communication system


Dr. Lukman Hanif Bin Muhammad Audah

• A New Technique to Achieve High Energy Efficiency for 5G Massive MIMO Systems in Millimeter-Wave and Sub-6 GHz
• A Novel Intelligent Cross-Layer Algorithm Based on Deep Learning for 6G Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications in Mission-Critical Applications
• Energy-Efficient Optimization of the Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier Waveform in 5G Wireless Transmissions
• Clustering and Routing Optimization in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks


Prof. Madya Dr. Maisara Binti Othman

• IoT Satellite using Astrocast and LoRa
• Adaptive DCO-FBMC in Visible Light Communication
• Remedial Module using Augmented Reality (ReModAR)
• SPR sensor for water content detection of Malaysian stingless bee honey


Dr. Mariyam Jamilah Binti Homam

• Characterisation of the polar and equatorial ionosphere
• Effect of solar activities to the earth
• Prediction of ionospheric parameters using neural network


Dr. Ansar Bin Jamil

• Smart Forest fire Detection and Monitoring System
• Smart Hydroponic System.
• Multi-hop Communication in LoRa


Dr. Shaharil Bin Mohd Shah

• Wearable antenna
• Antenna for 5G Mobile Communication
• Nonlinear Characterisation of PIN Diode


Encik Mohd Helmy Bin Abd Wahab

• Intelligent System
• Data Mining
• Internet of Things
• Artificial Intelligence


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