Demonstration on Material Characteristic 
On 2nd Dec 2010, a demonstration on Material Characterization, RF & Microwave Communication and Antenna Measurement from ATM Solutions(M) Sdn. Bhd. has been organized at RACAD Laboratory. Agilent representatives from United States of America and Hong Kong were conducting the one day course. In this course, a group of academicians and technical staff gained useful information particularly in the use of the equipment.

Demonstration on Virtual Instrumentation
Training on Satellite Tracking System
On 15th June 2010, a demonstration on Virtual Instrumentation from Caidmark Sdn.Bhd. has been organized at RACAD Laboratory. This session was attended by a group of academicians and technical staff.

Training on Vector Network Analyzer
On 13th Oct 2009, a training on Vector Network Analyzer has been conducted by ATM Solution attended by RACAD members. The training was focusing on the handling of the equipment and the proper way for the undergoing accurate measurement method.

On 19th Nov 2008, the training on Satellite Tracking System has been organized by RACAD Laboratory. This training exposed participants to the system installation and analyzing the satellite signal with the equipment.

2 Dec 2010
15 June 2010
13 Oct 2009
19 Nov 2008
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