Postgraduate Programmes

UTHM offers two type of courses, i.e., coursework and research. Availability of a specific type of programmes is subject to faculty’s decision.

Coursework involves lectures, seminars and master’s project. Each subject carries approximately 3 credits while research projects or Master’s Project ranges from 6 to 12 credits. A master’s project may be completed within one or two semesters subject to the requirement of the specific course of study. A two semester project consists of Project 1 ( 2 credit) and Project 2 ( 4 credit) while a one semester project carries 12 credits.

Master by Research programmes is based totally on research. Each semester, a research student will have to register for one subject, that is research in addition to university compulsory subjects or pre-requisite subjects depending on requirements. Semester grade is based on progress report.


Local Student
First Semester RM 2 389.00* 
Recurrent Semester RM 910.00
Accommodation RM 759.00

* With accommodation

International Student
First Semester RM 6 600.00* 
Recurrent Semester RM 3 740.00
Accommodation RM 2 070.00

* With accommodation

For any inquiries, please contact:

Associate Professor Dr. Shamsul Aizam bin Zulkifli
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☎ 607-456 4512