Department of Electrical Power Engineering (JEK)

Department of Electrical Power Engineering (JEK) is one of the five departments in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Established in 2004, its mission is to provide quality education at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels and produce competent and enterprising graduates who will contribute towards the economic development of the country. The department has a fine mix of young and dynamic academic staff who, besides actively engaged in teaching, are also actively involved in doing research in the major areas of electric power engineering. In addition, the department has extensive computer and laboratory facilities to support the academic and research activities.


Focus Group (FG):

Mohd Noor

Name (HoFG) : Dr. Mohd Noor bin Abdullah
Email :
Phone Number : 07-4533017


Name (HoFG) : Dr. Mohd Aifaa bin Mohd Ariff
Email :
Phone Number : 07-4533059

Shamsul Aizam

Name (HoFG) : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shamsul Aizam bin Zulkifli
Email :
Phone Number : 07-4537559


Name (HoFG) : Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Erwan bin Sulaiman
Email :
Phone Number : 07-4537672

Mohd Saufi

Name (HoFG) : Ir. Dr. Mohd Saufi bin Kamarudin
Email :
Phone Number : 07-4537651


Contact us:

Name (HoD) :Dr. Siti Amely binti Jumaat
Email :
Phone Number : 07-4538344
Fax No. : 07-4538387

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