Department of Computer Engineering (JEC)

Department of Computer Engineering (JEC) is one of the academic department in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FKEE). The function of the department is to conduct the program of Bachelor Degree of Electronic Engineering with Honours. The department divides its fields into two areas:

(1) Computer Architecture and System Design and
(2) Computer Network and Artificial Intelligence.


These two specialization areas cover broad areas in computer engineering fields which are: digital system design, computer architecture, embedded systems, computer aided design, computer network, image processing, computer vision, intelligence system, autonomic computing, computer security and software engineering. Currently, the department has 31 academic staffs and 11 supporting staffs (assistant engineers) across the major fields in computer engineering. The department is also actively involves in research in computer engineering area particularly in computer network, computer security, artificial intelligent, digital design and embedded systems. There are 10 laboratories to support the teaching, learning and research activities in the department.


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Name (HoD) : Dr. Danial bin Md Nor

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Phone Number : 07-4537516

Fax No. : 07-4538387

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