History & Profile

The Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FKEE) of UTHM was set up on 1st of May 2004 after the merging of Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering Technology.

FKEE consists of six departments which are:

  • Department of Communication Engineering
  • Department of Computer Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Power Engineering
  • Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering
  • Department of Laboratory Management

This faculty offers various ranges of electrical and electronic engineering academic programmes to students at Bachelor and Postgraduate Degree levels. At the same time, FKEE is actively involves in research and consultancy activities in electrical and electronic engineering field.

The uniqueness of the programmes offered by FKEE is that the students are exposed to practical trainings apart from attending theoretical courses in electrical and electronic engineering.

In addition, FKEE students are nurtured to be dynamic, creative and ethical graduates by instilling soft skills throughout the teaching and learning process. With this advantage, FKEE students will be able to compete and fulfill the requirements of the current job market.